Top 5 Trade Show Floors, that look great and keep you feeling fresh

Trade shows are important for promoting your business but they can be long and tiresome. That’s why you need an anti-fatigue trade show floor to cushion your feet and keep you on the top of your game. Not only do anti-fatigue floors keep your feet from hurting at the end of the day but they also look great and are sure to impress your trade show visitors. Visual appeal, anti-fatigue qualities, ease of use, durability and of course price, are the factors that we explored for judging our top trade show floors. And here they are:

5. Economy Soft Floors – Foam Interlocking Trade Show Flooring

Soft Floors Trade Show Flooring
   The first floor on our list is an economy floor with a great price point. It will not hold up as well as some of our other floors on the list but these cushioned tiles mean that you get comfort for long trade show days. For added style you can order a floor set in different colors allowing you to create a checkered board pattern or any multi color pattern that you desire. The floors come in 14 different colors and are sold in 10’x10’ packages.

4. Comfort Floor Wood Grain Rollable Cushioned Trade Show Flooring

Comfort Floor Rollable Trade Show Flooring
      The next floor on our list is rollable flooring with a wood grain pattern. The wood grain patterned flooring is a hot trend in the trade show industry and the Comfort Floor combines the great look of wood and the relieving comfort of cushioning under your feet. These floors are priced a little higher than the economy floors that you will see but it is the only rollable floor with the cushioning built right in, which means very simple set-up and take downs. The Comfort Floors feature 1/4″ anti-fatigue padding and a wood tone pattern that resists cuts and comes in two different wood grain shades. The flexible floors come standard as 5’ wide rolls to allow for easy shipping to and from shows. Double sided tape (not included) will hold your floor in place and hide the seams between the unrolled floors.

3. Comfort Flex Rollable Vinyl Trade Show Flooring

Comfort Flex Pattern Rollable Trade Show Flooring
        Another great trade show flooring option, which is also in the rollable flooring family, is our Comfort Flex flooring. These floors are the same concept as our Comfort Floors except the foam cushioning is a separate layer (sold separately). The price is right on these floors, even when you factor in buying the optional foam cushioning for underneath. The Stone and Wood Grain patterns are a very unique and stylish look that are sure to grab the attention of your visitors. Just like the Comfort Floors, the Comfort Flex Floors will come standard as 5’ wide rolls. Double sided tape will help you to keep them in place and hide the seams between the rolled out floors.

2. Comfort Carpet Plus Tile Trade Show Flooring

Comfort Carpet Plus Tile Trade Show Flooring
       Next on our list is the first interlocking tile type of flooring that you will see. It’s interlocking teeth, much like a puzzle, make it an easy floor to set up. The anti-fatigue cushioning is build right into the floor. The Comfort Carpet Floors feature the highest density foam in the industry, making them arguably the most durable floor designed for the trade show market. The carpeted tiles come in 7 popular colors and arrows on the underside of the tiles help you to lay the tiles all with the nap going the same way. You wouldn’t think that this matters but when it’s complete you will find that your floor looks as if it were made of one single piece of carpet.

1. Comfort Tile Designer Woods Trade Show Flooring

The #1 Trade Show Flooring

Comfort Tile Designer Woods Trade Show Flooring

Our # 1 trade show floor is the Comfort Tile Designer Woods Trade Show Floor. It is an interlocking tile type floor with built in anti-fatigue high density foam and comes in the ever popular hardwood floor patterns. These floors are priced for a mid-range budget but are a high end product. Optional beveled edges are recommended, as it keeps visitors from tripping as they come into your booth and it gives your floor a more finished look. You can choose from 2’x2’ or 2’x4’ tile sizes to accommodate your set-up ease and portability needs.

by Andy Marthaler the marketing director and a web developer at

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