Why do I need vector art? What is vector art?

Why Do I Need Vector Art?

Vector Art Enlarge

When printing in large format many printers require Vector art (commonly known as line art). They are simply not able to take your jpg. bitmap file from your website and print it in large format. This article is aimed at explaining what Vector art is and why it is necessary.

What is vector art?

Why Vector Art?
Vector art (commonly known as line art) is made up of lines and curves defined by mathematical objects called vectors (thus the name). Vector art is resolution independent and can be scaled to any size (ie: as big as a house) without loss of quality. All text (fonts) must also be converted to vectors (sometimes called outlines, paths or curves) before uploading to our production department.

Why do I need vector art?

Why do I need vector art?
To print large banners, embroider shirts or put your logo on promotional items you will need to provide the printer with Vector art. We are no different. However, with our logo recreation service we are able to recreate most bitmap files to Vector format and we will provide you with a copy of your logo in Vector art for your own future use.

Bitmap vs. Vector

Background color

Background Color can be changed

Bitmap vs. Vector

Vectors can be edited.

Vectors can be edited.

What can Vector art do for me?

– Vector art is easily enlarged to ANY SIZE with NO LOSS of quality.
– Vector art backgrounds are transparent; and any color can easily be added.
– Vector art colors are easily changed to any color desired.
– Vector art is easily edited (added to or parts deleted).
– Vector art is “graphics friendly” and usable by EVERYONE.
– Vector art is the only type that most printers will accept.

by Andy Marthaler the marketing director and a web developer at tradeshow-stuff.com.

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