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Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) Frames Displays for Trade Shows

Silicone Edge Graphic Frames are the latest trend in the trade show exhibiting industry. Silicone edge graphic frames also known as SEG frames are exactly what they sound like they would be. The graphic is typically a knit fabric with dye sublimation print process to achieve a brilliant fabric graphic. Next comes the silicone, which is sewn onto the edge of the graphic. Now you have a beautiful graphic that can be easily stored and folded up like a blanket.

Silicone Edge Graphic Setup

The aluminum extrusion graphic frame is lightweight, easy to assemble and has an intergraded silicone pocket groove along each side. This makes for easy installation of the silicone edge graphic (SEG) plus the frame becomes hidden by the graphic. The carefully thought out design allows the graphic to cover the entire face of the display. This also means that you can set multiple displays sided by side to achieve longer backwall displays.

SEG Trade Show Dipslay

Pretty cool, but I’m not done. The SEG Frame also accepts a silicone edge graphic on the backside of the display for a double-sided island exhibit. The frame leaves enough space between the two graphics to allow for illumination lights to be added. So now your simple SEG Frame display can become a double-sided giant light box backwall. It’s easy to see why this display has become so popular so fast.

Illuminated Silicone Edge Graphics Frame

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