Trade Show Flooring Tips and Advice

One of the most important details of a trade show exhibit often gets forgotten: trade show flooring. Many trade shows are located in convention and event centers that have cold, hard, grey concrete flooring. One way to get your exhibit space to stand out is by the flooring that you choose. Not only does trade show flooring create an inviting appearance to your exhibit space, but it also provides comfort to those staffing and stopping by your booth. Fortunately there are many choices when it comes to trade show flooring, and we can help you find a flooring that will fit your specific needs.

Comfort Tile Woods Trade Show FlooringSierra Hardwoods Modular Trade Show FlooringFlex Floor To Go Wood Rollable Trade Show Flooring

Since there are many different options, styles, and finishes, I usually recommend ordering a sample of a few different options. This will help you get a visual, as well as a feel, for what you are ordering. However, keep in mind that it is a sample and only represents a small piece of what the flooring will look like on a larger scale.

Comfort Flex Flooring is a rollable vinyl flooring, made specifically for trade show exhibitor’s needs. It is durable, easy to carry and assemble, anti-fatigue, and available in a wide variety of wood grain finishes, as well as natural stone. Two different padding widths are available to add extra comfort under your flooring when you need it. When you purchase your padding, keep in mind that you’ll want to stop your padding short of the vinyl floor edge; this will provide a gentle transitional slope between your flooring and the event walkway. First lay your padding onto the event floor, then simply roll your vinyl flooring on top. Double-sided adhesive can be used between the vinyl floor and the event floor to secure your flooring in place.

If you are looking for safety, comfort, and affordability, Comfort Tiles are the perfect choice. These tiles come in two different sizes (2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’), and a wide variety of colors and styles (carpet, plush carpet, wood grain). These tiles are made from 5/8” thick, high density foam, making them extremely comfortable to stand and walk on. Quickly lay the tiles down on the exhibit floor and connect them together like a puzzle, using the exclusive interlocking design. Optional beveled edging and electrical channeling add safety to your exhibit. Add beveled edging to create a transition between your flooring and the event walkway. Electrical channeling is optional for under the tiles, giving you the ability to run cords under your flooring, while your floor remains flat.

Comfort Tile Trade Show Flooring

Trade show flooring is an important element to your exhibit space, one that you don’t want to overlook or forget. Let us work with you to create a space that is both visually and physically inviting, and fits all of your trade show needs, right down to the flooring that you stand on.

by Andy Marthaler the marketing director and a web developer at

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