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Best Portable Trade Show Counters

Trade show counters are sometimes a forgotten but very necessary element to your trade show booth. Trade show counters, podiums, desks, tables; call them what you want but they all serve a very important task. They are where you meet your booth visitors and discuss important business. They are often found in the center of your booth and need to compliment the design of your booth display. Sometimes you may need a counter to hide materials inside the cabinet area or you may need sufficient counter top area for a computer or printed materials. Other times you may simply need it as a prop to stand by so you don’t feel like you are out standing in no man’s land. Whatever the case may be there is a solution out there to fit your needs. Here we will highlight a few great counter options, some of which you may not have even known existed.

1. An oldie but a goodie, the SOLO trade show counter has been around for quite some time but it is still a great counter for many reasons. It is a portable counter with a great full wrap graphic option but it can also be used without a graphic. They are strong and durable counters that can support more weight than other counters of its kind. Many of these SOLO counters can support up to 300 lb. so you can put nearly anything you want on them. The unique tensaflex outer wrap is what makes this counter not only easy to set up but also portable and strong.

SOLO Trade Show Counters

2. Another very popular counter is the Campaign counter. It includes a custom printed graphic wrap and has a fast turn-around time for those last minute booth additions. The detachable graphic can easily be swapped out for a new one and the interior shelf allows you to store your trade show materials. The counter is stronger than you would expect for the price point. It comes in under $400 yet can support up to 150 lbs. The included nylon carry bags and optional hard case make for easy transporting. This quality counter also offers an exclusive counter top graphic which sets it apart from any other counter you have seen.

Campaign Portable Counter

3. Tension fabric counters are some of the best looking and portable counters available. With the industry moving more and more towards tension fabric exhibit displays it may be in your best interest to invest in a counter that utilizes the same style fabric graphics. With fabric graphics, opposed to rigid graphics, you can easily fold your graphics into a very compact area without damaging them. Installation of fabric graphics is also easy with most applications being silicone edge or velcro.

Tension Fabric Counters

4. One style of trade show counter that some people don’t know exist or fail to recognize is the Case to Counter. Anyone looking to buy a case to transport their display or anyone that is thinking about adding a counter to their booth needs to explore this great option. They are exactly what the name implies. It is a hard molded case that safely and securely transports significantly sized displays to and from shows. It is also put to use while at the show by turning into a functional counter. Instead of trying to find somewhere to hide your case you can hide it in plain sight and gain a great display counter. By adding a custom graphic it will look like it was a part of your booth design from the very beginning.

Trade Show Case to Counter

5. The new Twist counters are a modular counter that are some of the most impressive looking portable counters on the market. There is a wide variety of sizes and styles available including display case counters. These counters are professional grade with a unique look yet a style that compliments nearly every exhibit booth that you display it with. Graphics, shelves, and locking cabinet doors are some of the options that allow you to design these counters to fit your needs.

Twist Portable Dispay Counters

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