Engaging your customer is time well spent

What do you need from a potential customer at a trade show, to successfully engage them with your product? Their email address? Phone number?

Answer: TIME.

You need a sliver of time to educate them on how your product will make their lives better. There are many schools of thought on how to achieve this. Stopping event-goers to register for a drawing, pick up a starburst or piece of company bling are great. However, to REALLY get some time with them? Provide them a welcoming place to stop and stay awhile. For those of you still with me – picture it – Charging stations.

These miracles of modern technology are sleek time-takers. Almost all of us have an electronic device with us that needs charging, and time spent at a charging station/table/kiosk is valuable time to discuss why you’re there, why they’re there or just to show them the newest product you’re excited about. Charging stations come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can easily customize them with your artwork, which is also economical to change as needed.

Pricing varies, depending on the type of charging station you’re looking to integrate into your booth, however the investment is a good one. Time, after all, is a precious commodity.

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