Is trade show flooring worth the investment?

If you asked me which trade show booth product category has grown the most in the past year, you’d receive a quick reply.

Flooring; trade show flooring.

Gone are the days when it wasn’t feasible to own your own trade show flooring. Renting at the show was the only option, and the “You get what you get, and don’t throw a fit” adage held true. Not only is it now economical to own your floor – you have CHOICES! Oh, the choices.

You have an option of interlocking foam tiles, rollable vinyl flooring,  or modular hardwood flooring. Each style comes in several color options so you are guaranteed to find the right exhibit flooring.

trade show flooring

10×20 Wood Grain Rollable Vinyl Flooring

When you contact me to inquire about which flooring to choose, and what’s available, you’re going to hear my customary, “What is your use, budget and timeline?” It’s easy to start there because the type of flooring, ease of assembly and expected life of the floor coverings vary. Just like there’s a banner display or floor display for every budget and application, the same holds true for flooring.

If you’re not ready to take the plunge on purchasing a new floor you can always inquire about our flooring rentals. Rental flooring is a great way to try before you buy!

I encourage you to entertain investing in trade show flooring, or look at what’s new. The look of the flooring in your booth can provide not only a clean, professional look, but also a nice foundation (pun intended) that saves your representative’s feet. Happy reps = trade show success.

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