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Triumph Portable Trade Show Counters

One of my favorite display items to assist customers with is a trade show counter. Blah you might say? A counter is a counter, is a counter?

Not at all.

Counters have become a first impression – your customer’s first stop to your booth. Most often one of your smiling representatives are near that counter, ready to interact with them. We all know the impact that first impressions make, so why not prominently display your logo or product image on a sharply designed and thoughtfully built Triumph Counter?

Everyone has their own unique features for a counter to have. Triumph Counters meet nearly every one of the highlights on your list. Trust me.

  • Professional appearance.
  • Fast and simple setup. Tool-less!
  • Brilliant, full color graphics.
  • Disassembles to fit in a single shipping case.
  • UPS/FedEx Shippable.
  • Made in the USA.
twist portable trade show counter

Triumph Ellipse Counter

The Triumph counter is available in many shapes to accent any trade show booth. Their smart design and clean lines will mesh with your other booth components, and provide function as well. Triumph showcase counters offer a solution for displaying your company products safely behind plexiglass. If you have specific requests such as a locking privacy door, casters instead of stationary feet, or internal shelves among others – these are all easily added options.

Most exhibitors will find that the shape of the counter is the only decision they need to make as the attractive design and contemporary style of the Triumph Counter are an ideal solution for their trade show booth counter needs.

Table Runners – Custom Printed For Your Business

A custom printed table runner with your logo may be the most inexpensive way to display your brand at any trade show or event. Today’s printing technology takes your artwork, and crisply melds the colors into fabric.

The dye-sublimation print process is a gold-standard for production of premium table runners, without the  premium price. It allows full color artwork to be chemically bonded to the fabric resulting in a vibrant, permanent, and machine washable product.

Our logo table runners are produced using our carefully selected, premium polyester fabric which offers a smooth, clean feel. The edges are hand-finished by hemming for a professional product we are proud to produce, and you can be proud to display for many years.

custom table runner with logo

Full print dye-sublimated table runner

Why are there so many custom table runner size choices? Well, not every logo fits in the same box. Depending on the orientation of your logo, you may choose a wider runner, so your art can print larger, and maintain a better ratio with blank space. Another option to consider is having the runner produced with a panel of fabric extending down the back of your table, as well as the front. Some event spaces are set up so your table is viewed from the front and back, so why not utilize the advantage of displaying your brand from both angles? Some companies also need the versatility of using an alternate logo, depending on the event audience. As table runners are produced similar to banners, an alternate logo can be printed on the “back panel” so the runner can simply be turned to display the desired artwork toward the audience.

Some assembly required…But not as much as you’d think

Gravity Exhibit Displays

When I tell you that I can make your exhibit set-up, tear down and shipping life easier, what words describe the picture that appears in your mind? Generic, drab, cookie-cutter? Yes, me too – if I wasn’t apprised of the world of Gravitee Displays.

The exhibit world has morphed the clunky erector set exhibits into modern, sleek and lightweight kit components. Aluminum extrusions snap together, hinged and joined to make smooth lines and graceful curves. I love, love, love the technology that has brought endless possibilities to the world of custom exhibits and has truthfully fulfilled trade show exhibit needs.
So how can Gravitee improve upon the custom exhibit? With pre-assembled panels. No tools. No loose parts. Gravitee uses fully assembled flat and curved panels that easily connect and stack. When you begin set-up, you’re already four steps ahead.

You’re wondering if Gravitee limits exhibit configuration possibilities? Quite the opposite. The panels are so versatile and reconfigurable, it’s touted as a “chameleon”. Many custom exhibits that are designed to be built piece by piece, can be transformed into the lighter, more set-up friendly Gravitee.

gravitee 10x20 exhibit

Gravitee GK-2006

Graphics – Gravitee panels accept both fabric Silicone Edged Graphics and direct print graphics. Each panel accepts a front and back graphic. So even if you don’t initially have front and back graphics produced, you can do so in the future.

Gravitee designs start with a simple concept — beautiful displays, simple assembly, and functional components. That’s what every exhibitor wants. They’re elegant displays with all the features of a custom exhibit, except the price. The full-size panels connect seamlessly. Browse through the Visionary Designs gallery where you’ll see a wide range of options and prices. These are meant to generate ideas. There are no cookie cutter designs. We’ll design the exhibit that matches your specific marketing goals and budget. If your exhibit needs change for future shows additional parts can be purchased to create a new custom exhibit without starting from scratch!