Table Runners – Custom Printed For Your Business

A custom printed table runner with your logo may be the most inexpensive way to display your brand at any trade show or event. Today’s printing technology takes your artwork, and crisply melds the colors into fabric.

The dye-sublimation print process is a gold-standard for production of premium table runners, without the  premium price. It allows full color artwork to be chemically bonded to the fabric resulting in a vibrant, permanent, and machine washable product.

Our logo table runners are produced using our carefully selected, premium polyester fabric which offers a smooth, clean feel. The edges are hand-finished by hemming for a professional product we are proud to produce, and you can be proud to display for many years.

custom table runner with logo

Full print dye-sublimated table runner

Why are there so many custom table runner size choices? Well, not every logo fits in the same box. Depending on the orientation of your logo, you may choose a wider runner, so your art can print larger, and maintain a better ratio with blank space. Another option to consider is having the runner produced with a panel of fabric extending down the back of your table, as well as the front. Some event spaces are set up so your table is viewed from the front and back, so why not utilize the advantage of displaying your brand from both angles? Some companies also need the versatility of using an alternate logo, depending on the event audience. As table runners are produced similar to banners, an alternate logo can be printed on the “back panel” so the runner can simply be turned to display the desired artwork toward the audience.

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