InCharg™ Charging Solutions – Counter Edition

I admit it – car commercials rarely catch my attention. Maybe it’s because experience has my mind set on certain brands and I don’t consider others. Maybe it’s because I try to block out the thought of having to shop for a vehicle. *shudder*. Regardless, whoever dreamed up the recent ad campaign for Buick is a genius. “It’s a Buick!” Many of us have this manufacturer pigeon-holed as a maker of Grandma and Grandpa cars, and the creative team at Buick is turning our heads as their newest models are certainly worth a second look.

Mobile Device Charging Stations

Mobile Device Charging Stations

InCharg™ Charging Counters take an exhibit booth staple and raise the bar dramatically. Barely noticeable are small charging ports conveniently located within the countertop. And the sky’s the limit with size, shape and material choices. The ports don’t fully describe what sets InCharg™ Counters from others – they’re also primarily modular. This means they generally assemble in 3-5 components such as the countertop, door and base. The electrical requirements are nothing more than standard power and all of the electrical and wire management is included.
So you start with this smart counter that looks like you spent a fortune. Next, you make it yours. Dozens of laminate color options, printed graphics – even LED lights are an available option. This is not your average counter!
InCharg™ Charging Counters are an entity in themselves, however they can very easily be incorporated into an exhibit package and can be built of the same materials as your inline or island display. Shipping isn’t a hassle because they can be worked into your exhibit crates, or have their own custom built crate to ship along with your other materials.

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