Renting Exhibits – Make the Most of Your Exhibiting Dollar

I have a secret. Ok, I guess if you know me at all, it’s maybe not such a secret. I’m frugal. Gosh, I love the sound of that word. F-R-U-G-A-L
Can a person be frugal with their marketing display efforts? Sure can! 🙂

10x20 Rental Modular Display

Your rental trade show display doesn’t need to look like it’s rented.

Trade show exhibits serve a unique purpose. Often I preach about taking your trade show exhibit to the next level, and offer suggestions on how that can be achieved. Rental exhibits take this concept to reality by affording an updated, splashy look without the hefty investment.

So why rent an exhibit? There are many, many reasons. Does it assemble as easily as you’d hoped? Does it “do” what you need it to do? Such as accept a monitor where you need one, or have an appropriate meeting space to sit with a potential client? Utilize a rental before you invest in the purchase – what better way to find out what will serve you best, than to get your hands on it and test it.

10' Trade Show Display Rental

Your rental display can stand out from the crowd.

The rental option also brings an entire tier of exhibits within the reaches of your budget. You no longer have to spend big bucks to look like you have. I help customers every day to maximize their trade show dollars, and renting an exhibit frees up funds so a charging table can added, back-lighting, flooring, or a counter. In this day of competition in most every market, it’s imperative that your exhibit look continues to evolve.

Does renting an exhibit only help you expand your budget to achieve a more sophisticated exhibit? No. It’s really making the best use of your display dollar. It’s not practical to think that by investing in a large exhibit you’re “set” for years to come, and will only need to have new graphics produced. Exhibitor needs change, as you want the look and feel of your exhibit to change with you. Renting your exhibit allows you to not have all of your investment sitting in the back room, only to be dusted off for those 2-3 large shows you attend each year. It opens up the possibilities of a new focus and new look for each event. (TH)

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