Charge! Cell phone charging tables & kiosks

No matter where you are, what age you are, or what’s running through your mind at the moment; when you hear that ageless baseball theme played – you’re going to chime in, “CHARGE!” It’s compelling and makes us all smile. The crowd shouting in unison at that very moment brings everyone together.

I get a similar rush discussing our new InCharg™ Charging Stations. They draw crowds and attract fans wherever they go. The term “station” doesn’t do them justice as they come in a wide variety of designs.

Counters – Bistro Tables – Free Standing Kiosks – Meeting Tables

Wireless Cell Phone / Tablet Charging Kiosk with Backlit graphic

Wireless, USB and 110W charging capabilities.

I personally think in today’s world of accessible and limitless technology, every trade show exhibit, conference room and retail space should integrate device charging. InCharg™ makes this a reality with unobtrusive and economical charging capabilities.

InCharg™ Charging Solutions are primarily modular, meaning they generally assemble in 3-5 components such as the countertop, post and base. The electrical requirements call for standard power and all the electrical and wire management is included with each. Assembly is quite easy. LED lights, USB ports and optional 110W outlets are all pre-wired. Some of the charging stations can be shipped in rotomolded cases with wheels, however most require a larger shipping container, such as a jigged wood crate. Quite often a charging station is a component of a larger exhibit, which means it can ship in its crate along with your other display items.

InCharg cell phone and tablet charging table

InCharg High-top Portable Charging Table

My favorite part? (Other than spying a charging oasis when my iPad is at 17% charge and the day is young?) You can make it yours. That’s right – graphic branding is available in vinyl, fabric and direct print options. So your potential customer can’t forget who thought of them, knowing they should stop and stay a while. Your brand or product details can be prominently displayed in full color, photographic quality art on this very important piece of your exhibit or conference room.
InCharg™ Charging Solutions bring brand attraction and customer care full circle.

Exhibits, meeting areas and retail spaces all need stopping places. Why not make them contemporary, smart and powerful? (Pun intended 😉

Great ideas. Start here.

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