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Best Portable Trade Show Counters

Trade show counters are sometimes a forgotten but very necessary element to your trade show booth. Trade show counters, podiums, desks, tables; call them what you want but they all serve a very important task. They are where you meet your booth visitors and discuss important business. They are often found in the center of your booth and need to compliment the design of your booth display. Sometimes you may need a counter to hide materials inside the cabinet area or you may need sufficient counter top area for a computer or printed materials. Other times you may simply need it as a prop to stand by so you don’t feel like you are out standing in no man’s land. Whatever the case may be there is a solution out there to fit your needs. Here we will highlight a few great counter options, some of which you may not have even known existed.

1. An oldie but a goodie, the SOLO trade show counter has been around for quite some time but it is still a great counter for many reasons. It is a portable counter with a great full wrap graphic option but it can also be used without a graphic. They are strong and durable counters that can support more weight than other counters of its kind. Many of these SOLO counters can support up to 300 lb. so you can put nearly anything you want on them. The unique tensaflex outer wrap is what makes this counter not only easy to set up but also portable and strong.

SOLO Trade Show Counters

2. Another very popular counter is the Campaign counter. It includes a custom printed graphic wrap and has a fast turn-around time for those last minute booth additions. The detachable graphic can easily be swapped out for a new one and the interior shelf allows you to store your trade show materials. The counter is stronger than you would expect for the price point. It comes in under $400 yet can support up to 150 lbs. The included nylon carry bags and optional hard case make for easy transporting. This quality counter also offers an exclusive counter top graphic which sets it apart from any other counter you have seen.

Campaign Portable Counter

3. Tension fabric counters are some of the best looking and portable counters available. With the industry moving more and more towards tension fabric exhibit displays it may be in your best interest to invest in a counter that utilizes the same style fabric graphics. With fabric graphics, opposed to rigid graphics, you can easily fold your graphics into a very compact area without damaging them. Installation of fabric graphics is also easy with most applications being silicone edge or velcro.

Tension Fabric Counters

4. One style of trade show counter that some people don’t know exist or fail to recognize is the Case to Counter. Anyone looking to buy a case to transport their display or anyone that is thinking about adding a counter to their booth needs to explore this great option. They are exactly what the name implies. It is a hard molded case that safely and securely transports significantly sized displays to and from shows. It is also put to use while at the show by turning into a functional counter. Instead of trying to find somewhere to hide your case you can hide it in plain sight and gain a great display counter. By adding a custom graphic it will look like it was a part of your booth design from the very beginning.

Trade Show Case to Counter

5. The new Twist counters are a modular counter that are some of the most impressive looking portable counters on the market. There is a wide variety of sizes and styles available including display case counters. These counters are professional grade with a unique look yet a style that compliments nearly every exhibit booth that you display it with. Graphics, shelves, and locking cabinet doors are some of the options that allow you to design these counters to fit your needs.

Twist Portable Dispay Counters

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Trade Show Flooring Tips and Advice

One of the most important details of a trade show exhibit often gets forgotten: trade show flooring. Many trade shows are located in convention and event centers that have cold, hard, grey concrete flooring. One way to get your exhibit space to stand out is by the flooring that you choose. Not only does trade show flooring create an inviting appearance to your exhibit space, but it also provides comfort to those staffing and stopping by your booth. Fortunately there are many choices when it comes to trade show flooring, and we can help you find a flooring that will fit your specific needs.

Comfort Tile Woods Trade Show FlooringSierra Hardwoods Modular Trade Show FlooringFlex Floor To Go Wood Rollable Trade Show Flooring

Since there are many different options, styles, and finishes, I usually recommend ordering a sample of a few different options. This will help you get a visual, as well as a feel, for what you are ordering. However, keep in mind that it is a sample and only represents a small piece of what the flooring will look like on a larger scale.

Comfort Flex Flooring is a rollable vinyl flooring, made specifically for trade show exhibitor’s needs. It is durable, easy to carry and assemble, anti-fatigue, and available in a wide variety of wood grain finishes, as well as natural stone. Two different padding widths are available to add extra comfort under your flooring when you need it. When you purchase your padding, keep in mind that you’ll want to stop your padding short of the vinyl floor edge; this will provide a gentle transitional slope between your flooring and the event walkway. First lay your padding onto the event floor, then simply roll your vinyl flooring on top. Double-sided adhesive can be used between the vinyl floor and the event floor to secure your flooring in place.

If you are looking for safety, comfort, and affordability, Comfort Tiles are the perfect choice. These tiles come in two different sizes (2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’), and a wide variety of colors and styles (carpet, plush carpet, wood grain). These tiles are made from 5/8” thick, high density foam, making them extremely comfortable to stand and walk on. Quickly lay the tiles down on the exhibit floor and connect them together like a puzzle, using the exclusive interlocking design. Optional beveled edging and electrical channeling add safety to your exhibit. Add beveled edging to create a transition between your flooring and the event walkway. Electrical channeling is optional for under the tiles, giving you the ability to run cords under your flooring, while your floor remains flat.

Comfort Tile Trade Show Flooring

Trade show flooring is an important element to your exhibit space, one that you don’t want to overlook or forget. Let us work with you to create a space that is both visually and physically inviting, and fits all of your trade show needs, right down to the flooring that you stand on.

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Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) Frames Displays for Trade Shows

Silicone Edge Graphic Frames are the latest trend in the trade show exhibiting industry. Silicone edge graphic frames also known as SEG frames are exactly what they sound like they would be. The graphic is typically a knit fabric with dye sublimation print process to achieve a brilliant fabric graphic. Next comes the silicone, which is sewn onto the edge of the graphic. Now you have a beautiful graphic that can be easily stored and folded up like a blanket.

Silicone Edge Graphic Setup

The aluminum extrusion graphic frame is lightweight, easy to assemble and has an intergraded silicone pocket groove along each side. This makes for easy installation of the silicone edge graphic (SEG) plus the frame becomes hidden by the graphic. The carefully thought out design allows the graphic to cover the entire face of the display. This also means that you can set multiple displays sided by side to achieve longer backwall displays.

SEG Trade Show Dipslay

Pretty cool, but I’m not done. The SEG Frame also accepts a silicone edge graphic on the backside of the display for a double-sided island exhibit. The frame leaves enough space between the two graphics to allow for illumination lights to be added. So now your simple SEG Frame display can become a double-sided giant light box backwall. It’s easy to see why this display has become so popular so fast.

Illuminated Silicone Edge Graphics Frame

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How to View my Ai or EPS files without expensive software?

How to View my Ai or EPS files without expensive software?

This may be a question that you find yourself asking. And it may be hard for a graphic designer to understand but not everybody has Adobe Illustrator (Ai) on their computers. Without Ai installed on your computer you will not be able to view your Ai or EPS files, which is exactly the file types that your printers are going to need. Rather than guessing what file to upload to your printers now you can view your files online for free with no software to download. It’s that simple.
Easy File ViewerAi File ViewerEPS File Viewer

by Andy Marthaler the marketing director and a web developer at

How to view a print file at actual print size?

Here’s a quick tip on how to view a file at print size or actual size so that you can determine the quality of your graphic. Most printers will suggest a resolution of 100ppi (pixels/inch). The first thing you need to do is turn on your rulers which you should be able to find under the View options. Now, you will need an actual ruler and hold it up to your screen, adjust your zoom percentage until one inch on your monitor equals one inch on your ruler.


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Top Rated iPad Kiosks

iPad kiosks are one or the most popular trade show accessories this year and for good reason. These portable, interactive devices have a plethora of apps for your specific needs such as, polling and reviews, contact/data collection, POS, reservations and scheduling, or even menus. The biggest challenge with displaying your iPad has always been keeping it from walking away. However, today’s iPad kiosks are designed with security in mind and also keep the same ease of use and portability characteristics that the iPad is know for.

Some questions that you should ask yourself when shopping for your iPad kiosk display are;

  1. Do I need Cable Management? Cable management will allow you to run power to your iPad without a tacky cord hanging loosely from your kiosk. (Note: Your standard iPad cord will not be long enough for most stands, some kiosks come with a 6ft. custom length cord and some don’t.)
  2. Do I want a clamshell with key access, to quickly get to my iPad or is a clamshell with security screws fine for me?
  3. Do I want users to have access to the home button, or not?
  4. Do I need to be able to bolt the iPad stand to the floor?
  5. Do I want the head to easily swivel from Portrait to Landscape?
  6. Do I need the height of the stand to be adjustable?
  7. Do I need a case for this kiosk display?
  8. Do I want to have custom graphics on this display?
  9. Will this kiosk accept my iPad? Some models of the iPad may not fit in all iPad kiosks.
  10. Is there accessibility to the front camera sight and head phones jack?
  11. Do I need the kiosk to have a brochure holder or key board shelf?

After selling a wide selection of iPad kiosks for several years the team at comprised a list of the top rated iPad kiosks. Enjoy and leave your comments below.

6. Classic iPad Kiosk Anti-theft Stand for Trade Shows

Classic iPad Kiosk Anti-theft Stand

The Classic iPad kiosk is an economy stand that looks like a high end display. It comes in matte black or satin silver finish and offers a square or round base to accommodate the look that you desire. It uses security screws to keep the iPad snug inside the acrylic face plate. Head features a unique 360 degree tilt and swivel bearing. Easily rotate mount from landscape to portrait orientation and power up your device with the included power cord which is concealed in the the cord management support beam.

5. Double iPad Kiosk Stand Locking Clamshells for Trade Shows

Double iPad Kiosk Stand for Trade Shows

The Double iPad kiosk is exactly what you would expect it to be. It is a brother to the infamous Standard iPad kiosk however is literally double the fun with two separate support beams, each with their very own locking iPad clamshell. These kiosks have all the bells and whistles, including key entry locking clamshell, Swivel Stop portrait to landscape rotation, integrated cord management, front camera sight hole, head phone jack capabilty, slotted base for bolting and its available in white, black or silver. The best thing about this display is that you can have two iPad stations in less space and it will save you money too.

4. Convertible Locking Clamshell iPad Kiosk Floor & Tabletop Stand

Convertible iPad Kiosk Stand for Trade Shows

As you can image your iPad stand may work best in on the floor or it may work best on top of a table or counter, but why buy two displays? Now you don’t have to with our convertible iPad stand. Again this stand is a take off of the beloved Standard iPad kiosk but with some additional parts you can convert the floor unit into a handy tabletop display in minutes. The durable engineered aluminum means this stand will last a lifetime.

3. Maestro Portable Telescopic Adjustable Height Locking iPad Kiosk Stand

Maestro Portable Telescoping iPad Kiosk Stand

The Maestro is a Telescopic display with easy adjustments of the height from 37″ to 60″. This feature is especially nice when used with children. Other features include key entry locking clamshell and integrated cord management. The head includes the patented Swivel Stop portrait to landscape rotation but also can tilt up to 90 degrees and rotate 360 degrees. With all this adjust-ability this stand still is able to be set up in minutes. As a bonus this stand includes a rolling suitcase with foam insert for traveling.

2. Standard iPad Kiosk Stand Locking Clamshell for Trade Shows

Standard iPad Kiosk Stand for Trade Shows

You probably saw this coming but there’s no denying the Standard iPad Kiosk. It is one of the best kiosks available on the market. This display was well thought out when it was designed and includes all the essential features, then on top of all that it is of the highest manufactured quality you can get. To summarize its features it includes a key entry locking clamshell, Swivel Stop portrait to landscape rotation, integrated cord management, front camera sight hole, head phone jack capabilty, slotted base for bolting and its available in white, black or silver. For what you get with this kiosk the price is hard to beat.

1. Pro iPad Kiosk Stand Locking Clamshell for Trade Shows

Locking iPad Kiosk Stand for Trade Shows

The Pro kiosk has been around longer than some of the other iPad kiosks but it is still top of the line display and it’s elegant looks is attracting. The locking clamshell has all of the great features as the Standard Kiosk but what sets this kiosk apart from other stands is it’s rear compartment. The rear compartment houses an included surge protector for powering your iPad or other electrical component for your booth. The powder coated black or silver finish is complements the sleek lines of the the Deluxe kiosk.

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Will my Flat Panel Monitor fit VESA ?


Will my Flat Panel Monitor fit on a VESA mounting bracket?


This may be a question that you are asking yourself when
searching for a tv monitor stand, cart or wall mount. VESA (Video Electronics
Standard Association) is an industry standard for monitor mounting hole
patterns that are used by most manufactures of monitors. Listed below is a
summary of the common VESA standard mounting hole patterns:

– Small to Medium flat panel monitors from 12”-22.9” diagonal
and weighing up to 30.8 lbs. (14 kg).

Common sizes: 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm

– Medium flat panel monitors from 23”-30.9” diagonal and
weighing up to 50 lbs. (22.6 kg).

Common sizes: 200mm x 100mm or 200mm x 200mm

– Large flat panel monitors from 31”-90” diagonal and weighing
up to 250 lbs. (113.4 kg).

Various hole patterns in 200 mm increments: 400mm x
200mm, or 600mm x  400mm, or 800 x
400 mm

Millimeters to Inches

  • 75 mm = 2.95 inches
  • 100mm = 3.94 inches
  • 200 mm = 7.87 inches
  • 400 mm = 15.7 inches
  • 600 mm = 23.6 inches

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Why do I need vector art? What is vector art?

Why Do I Need Vector Art?

Vector Art Enlarge

When printing in large format many printers require Vector art (commonly known as line art). They are simply not able to take your jpg. bitmap file from your website and print it in large format. This article is aimed at explaining what Vector art is and why it is necessary.

What is vector art?

Why Vector Art?
Vector art (commonly known as line art) is made up of lines and curves defined by mathematical objects called vectors (thus the name). Vector art is resolution independent and can be scaled to any size (ie: as big as a house) without loss of quality. All text (fonts) must also be converted to vectors (sometimes called outlines, paths or curves) before uploading to our production department.

Why do I need vector art?

Why do I need vector art?
To print large banners, embroider shirts or put your logo on promotional items you will need to provide the printer with Vector art. We are no different. However, with our logo recreation service we are able to recreate most bitmap files to Vector format and we will provide you with a copy of your logo in Vector art for your own future use.

Bitmap vs. Vector

Background color

Background Color can be changed

Bitmap vs. Vector

Vectors can be edited.

Vectors can be edited.

What can Vector art do for me?

– Vector art is easily enlarged to ANY SIZE with NO LOSS of quality.
– Vector art backgrounds are transparent; and any color can easily be added.
– Vector art colors are easily changed to any color desired.
– Vector art is easily edited (added to or parts deleted).
– Vector art is “graphics friendly” and usable by EVERYONE.
– Vector art is the only type that most printers will accept.

by Andy Marthaler the marketing director and a web developer at